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Samsung gamepad, playing games in the Fun Galaxy S4

Samsung Game Pad - Galaxy S4
As has previously been diinfokan, at the launch of Samsung's latest smartphone, the Galaxy also introduced accessories S4 supporters, Samsung Game Pad. These accessories are enhancements to optimize the Galaxy S4, which is able to change the Samsung smart phone into a gaming console.

Stick Game Pad, the game controller will be connected with the Galaxy S4 via Bluetooth connection or via NFC tectile. Well, at the top of the Game Pad available dock to put phones Galaxy S4. In this position, his stick, spread the controls existing gaming consoles like Xbox 360, complete with dual analog sticks. Devices Samsung Game Pad is powered by AAA batteries and can run to play a variety of games that are downloaded from the Samsung app store.

Samsung Game Pad - Galaxy S4
 Currently Samsung Game Pad is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4 and Jelly Bean Android OS v4.2. However, in the near future it will be possible to set Samsung accessories to be compatible with other Samsung devices, which use a screen larger than 4 inches, including 5 inches and 6.3 inches.
Using the game controller, the Samsung Galaxy S4 users will be gaining more experience in playing games on your Android device and can display them on a television screen HD 1080p via the HDMI port Samsung smartphone. There is no information about the official price of Samsung Game Pad, but it is expected to be revealed later when it was officially launched sometime in May 2013.