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Nano-Falcon, World's Smallest Helicopter Toys IRC

A toy companies from Japan, CCP Co Ltd which is a subsidiary of Bandai toy helicopter preparing to launch the IRC (infrared remote control), the smallest in the world. IRC named Nano Falcon helicopter has been recorded in the Guinness World Records as the most petite IRC toy helicopter in the world on March 13, yesterday.
To develop this toy, CCP also use a tool that has a high precision and is used to make mobile phones. By doing so, they were able to make this Falcon Nano has a small and lightweight form. Moreover Falcon Nano is also equipped with a gyro sensor and counter rotating mechanism which is claimed to make this toy helicopter fly stable.

This toy size was very small. Just imagine, this toy only has a length of 65 millimeters and weighs only 11 grams. CCP party was ready to market these toys on the 8th June. Regarding the price, you have to prepare money for 4704 Yen or about 450 thousand dollars.