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Google Officially Launches Application to Compete with Google Keep Evernote

Google Keep
Google has just released a new service called Google's Keep. This service is an application note that can be used on Android 4.0 + platform or web applications.

This application seems to be launched by Google to rival Evernote is one of the popular applications on the Android platform. This application also allows users to record important things or make a list of activities to do. In addition, users can also create a Google Keep notes, photographs and sound recordings through a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Furthermore, the Web application version of Google's Keep also allows users to sync. Not only that, in the coming weeks, Google will also integrate this service into Google Drive.

This application can be downloaded for free. If you want to try a version of Android, can go to the Google Play Store, while the web version of the app can be opened at this link.