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Facebook Timeline designer Nicholas Felton Official Leaving the Company

Nicholas Felton
Facebook employees are responsible in making Timeline on the social networking had just left the company. Designers also named Nicholas Felton is officially no longer work on Facebook not long after the company was owned by Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook application aimed Home for Android users.

Felton was first working on Facebook on 19 April 2011. Previously, Felton worked at a startup called Daytum that eventually acquired by Facebook. Since that's what he was dabbling in Facebook's Timeline project.

Felton himself said that he was very happy to work for a world-class company like Facebook. Moreover, he is also very satisfied with the results of the current work nampang on millions of Facebook users.

No information about where to go after leaving Facebook Felton. However, with a very good track record on Facebook, does not seem difficult for Felton to find a place where he further shelter.