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Once in Brazil, iPhone Also Declined in Mexico

After some time ago denied in Brazil, now the iPhone back is not accepted in Mexico. Why? 

A month ago, the agency stated that Brazilian copyright that Apple can not use the brand 'iPhone' in Brazil. This is because the brands 'iphone' with the letter 'p' is small, has been registered as a trademark a local electronics company named Gradiente SA since 2000, long before Apple gush device that has a brand name iPhone. 

Almost similar incident occurred again in Mexico. In a country that borders the U.S., Apple will have to defeat a second time after a local court ruled that the brands 'iPhone' is forbidden in the country. 

Reported TheWallStreetJournal, Mexican federal court rejected an appeal from Apple and stick to the decision that the trademark 'iFone' is a locally owned company called Ifone SA. IFone name was recorded was registered in 2003, again long before Apple gush first generation of iPhone. 

This case actually started sticking in 2009 when Apple registered the name 'iPhone' as a trademark in the country. But the local copyright agency refused registration on the grounds that the name has been used in Mexico. 

After going through the mediation process long enough, eventually Apple decided to sue Ifone SA to court. But in November 2012, the judge rejected the lawsuit of Apple. 

The company was founded Steve Jobs did not stay silent and appeal. But an appeals court this week also ruled that Apple is not allowed to use the trademark 'iPhone' in Mexico. 

Such events were not only experienced by Apple in Brazil and Mexico only. In 2011, Apple may not sell products under the name 'iPad' in China. 

The court in Shenzhen when it ruled that the trademark 'iPad' has been officially registered in the Bamboo Curtain country by a local company called Proview Technology in 2000, long before Apple produces the iPad. 

But finally Apple can still besutannya tablet market in China in 2012, by purchasing brand name 'iPad' from Proview Technology at a price not cheap. 

Could Apple do the same thing to be able to continue to sell the iPhone in Brazil and Mexico? 

We look forward to further developments, since until now the neighbor Apple would not comment about it.