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King Jim Pomera DM25, Notebook Digital Memo 5 Inches With Full Sized Keyboard That Can Be Folded

Pomera DM25
Not just computers, digital memo actually made ​​by King Jim Pomera DM25 is the digital version of the super-compact notebook paper that can be used to store all your important records.

Pomera DM25 is equipped with the features of TFT-LCD Monochrome screen size of 5 inches with support for VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels). 105MB of memory is used for the type of text file (*. Txt) that can be accessed. Besides equipped with full-sized keyboard that can be folded, the device has also been supported by a pair of AAA batteries capable of reliable measures to comfort operating with quite a long time.

Digital memo device is suitable for anyone who wants to implement a paperless activity (paperless activities). Though small in size, digital memo notebook is able to store all your important records via USB or SD Card.

Pomera DM25 Price per unit on the market, reportedly priced around ¥ 29,400 or the equivalent of 2.9 million dollars.